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Last night, at 2:30 AM, I (semi-) woke up to go to the bathroom. Wandered down to the second floor without turning the light on, as is my habit.

Wait a minute. Is there a sound coming from the bathroom… a flapping sound? Yes, yes there is.

Okay, step one: go down and use the first floor bathroom.

Next, return to the third floor to get my glasses. Can still hear flapping as I walk by the second-floor bathroom.

When I get back to the second floor for the third time, now thoroughly awake, I no longer hear any flapping. I turn on the light and look in. Thankfully, there is no bat. There is, however, a moth that is very nearly the size of a bat.

I decide to adopt Meredith’s moth hunting technique, and return to the first floor to retrieve a broom. When I get back to the second floor, however, the moth is nowhere to be found. After some searching, I conclude that it was bothered by the light, and got out however it got in in the first place. I return the broom to the first floor and myself to bed.

It is, however, some considerable time before I can fall asleep, as I am listening intently to the darkness…
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