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2017-08-23 09:39 pm
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Alexx’s August Patreon Update

Accomplished over July and August:

  • Helped annotate issue #11 of Cinema Purgatorio, featuring “My Fair Dahlia”, a musical treatment of an infamous Hollywood murder. Also, enough hints have accumulated that I was able to make some informed guesses as to what the heck has been going on in the frame story!
  • Annotated the first two sections of the Jerusalem chapter “Round the Bend”. As mentioned before, I’m starting with the by-far hardest chapter, as that’s the one that most needs annotation. This is probably the densest material I will ever tackle, as the average number of interpretations per word seems to be about 3. Here's an example word, on the high side, but not extremely so:
  • “pharsycal” – “Physical”, “farcical” (ridiculous), “Pharaohs” (Egyptian monarchs who not infrequently married incestuously, leading to genetic problems from inbreeding) “sick all”. Possibly “sycamore” (type of tree).

    • Section 1 – Breakfast
      In which Lucia Joyce begins her day with breakfast, then wanders the grounds of St Andrews Infirmary. She recalls her life in its broad outlines.
    • Section 2 – Illusionary Giorgio Joyce
      In which Lucia recalls her childhood relationships with her family, especially her incestuous relationship with her brother Giorgio, whom she seems to see an image of.

I’ve also done a bit of forward planning, and it looks like “Round the Bend” will probably take about a year to do the basic annotation pass. There are 13 sections in all, though a couple of them are comparatively brief. After that, of course, there are still the other 34 chapters of Jerusalem, though my collaborators have done some work there already. And, of course, I’ll be continuing to work on Cinema Purgatorio.

Even more than usually, I welcome comments and suggestions from other readers. I’m catching a lot of stuff, but I am certainly missing a great deal as well.

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2017-06-18 09:41 pm

The end was nearer than I thought...

My first pass of annotating Alan Moore's Voice of the Fire is complete. There is more that could/should be done, of course, but that will never cease to be true; "Art is never finished, only abandoned". Not that I'm abandoning this, but I am mostly moving on for the time being, having gotten this project to a point that I am proud of. Additions and corrections still happily accepted, of course!

I'm particularly pleased that the last note was for the phrase "full stop" :-)

[Obligatory Patreon link]
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2017-06-16 06:24 pm

Alexx’s June Patreon update

It’s been three months, as suspected. The finale of Providence wasn’t as time-consuming as feared, but on the other hand, the last chapter of Voice of the Fire is proving to be quite dense. Plus, gardening season started, and, sadly, weeding still pays better than scholarship. That said, plenty has been annotated.

I’ve also gotten a good start on the final chapter of Voice of the Fire, featuring Moore himself. Next update should feature that, another issue or two of Cinema Purgatorio, and the first few sections of “Round the Bend”. Be seeing you!

[My Patreon]

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2017-03-26 08:04 pm
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Alexx’s March Patreon Update

Well, my prediction of managing a Patreon update every other month seems to be holding true. Since last time, I have:Looking forward, the next update should include another Cinema Purgatorio, the conclusion of Providence, and possibly the last few chapters of VotF, depending on how much effort Providence #12 turns out to be. After that, on to Jerusalem!
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2017-02-22 08:51 pm
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Kestrell's latest literary project

Kestrell is, at long last, starting to write up some of her vast accumulated knowledge (and opinion) about Umberto Eco's wonderful _The Name of the Rose_. Recommended to all bibliophiles.

(And there's a Patreon attached, so consider that, if you want to encourage more such writing.)
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2017-01-31 06:44 pm

Alexx’s January Patreon Update

I spent most of December with a cold, and thus got very little work accomplished. I did watch a large amount of Western movies, leading to significant additional annotations for Cinema Purgatorio number seven (see earlier comments about Art never being finished, only abandoned).

January, thankfully, has been significantly more productive. Notable accomplishments since last time:
• Annotated chapters two through five of Voice of the Fire.
• Helped annotate issue 11 of Providence.

Plus a lot of miscellaneous bits here and there. Still lots more to do, and a new issue of Cinema Purgatorio is due out tomorrow. Thanks for your support!
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2016-12-20 11:43 pm
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A Tumbleweed of Tombstones

Alan Moore’s story in Cinema Purgatorio, “After Tombstone”, is pretty complex for the roughly 6 pages it takes to vivisect the gunfight at the OK Corral. I’m no expert on the subject, but I’m a lot closer now than I was a month ago, having spent a lot of time reading Wikipedia and watched the three main movies that Moore seems to be drawing on for this story (in order to annotate). None of these four sources agree with each other about what was really going on. And then, the clearly unreliable narrator of Moore’s story has yet a fifth account.

It seems to me that what Moore is getting at here is not just the now-familiar concept that history is another kind of fiction. Rather, that fiction overwrites history, often repeatedly. History becomes palimpsest, a hologram of all the different versions refracting with each other at once. As Dave Sim once quoted Moore as saying, “All stories are true.”

Of course, as we see in “After Tombstone”, this process of overwriting is an extremely violent one. Corpses are left on the street whenever it happens. In Moore’s eternalist view of the universe, however, being shot full of holes in no way prevents (or allows) those bodies to not continually repeat their roles. Dead (line) or not, the show must go on.

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2016-11-27 01:40 pm
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November update for Alexx’s Patreon

Since my last posting, I have had an increase in productivity. Not enough to be employable yet, but I have done a great deal of Alan Moore annotation. If my new working methods prove stable, I’ll be pushing the button[1] on this Patreon more often, possibly as much as monthly, but more realistically every other month or less. As always, if this makes you rethink your pledge amount, feel free to change that.


  • Annotations for Chapter One of Voice of the Fire, “Hob’s Hog”, including a complete translation into modern English. This was probably the second hardest chapter I will ever annotate[3].

  • Annotations for the Moore story in Cinema Purgatorio #6, “A Night at the Lawyers”. This was another extra-difficult job, with nearly every panel requiring individual research and notes.

  • Annotations for the Moore story in Cinema Purgatorio #7, “After Tombstone”.

  • Miscellaneous other notes and maintenance on sites.

[1] “Push the button, Max!
[2] The perfectionist in me is forced to add “to a solid first draft state”. Art is never finished, only abandoned.
[3] I am looking forward to / dreading tackling the Lucia Joyce chapter of Jerusalem.

(Copied from Patreon, since y'all might want to know.)
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2016-11-09 09:41 pm
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Hob's Hog

Managed to spend at least some of today following Neil Gaiman's advice for what to do when times are bad ("Make Good Art"). Buckled down and finished a first draft of annotations for Hob's Hog, the first chapter of Alan Moore's Voice of the Fire.

Being the perfectionist I am, nothing ever quite counts as "done", but I'm legit proud of what's up there. This is probably the second-hardest chapter I'll ever work on. Taking a break for social media, then back to the note mines :-)
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2016-01-12 12:54 pm
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Crisis on Earth-Sandman updated

I have made an update to “Crisis on Earth-Sandman: The Uses of Continuity in Neil Gaiman's Sandman” (, covering the (small amounts of) DC continuity used in Sandman: Overture. This update also includes a few corrections and expanded footnotes suggested by material in the last couple volumes of The Annotated Sandman.
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2015-07-12 10:42 pm
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Dragaeran Timeline updated for _Hawk_

Version 2.1 of The Dragaeran Timeline has been released, primarily containing content from Hawk.
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2014-11-08 02:21 pm
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ParaHistorical Patreon

I have finally gotten around to setting up a Patreon to support, at least in a limited way, my ParaHistorical Studies. If you're one of the people who follow my LJ for that sort of thing, please check it out.