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Had a dream that I waa reading _Finder_ by Carla Speed McNeill. (Well, earlier, I was watching an old Babylon 5 tape, but in the manner of dreams, the experience shifted.) There was a memorable incident where someone was meeting and negotiating with a tribal chief. I don't remember his name, so I'll call him X. X was a very big man, and had his (rather ancient) wife next to him during the meet. After the negotiations were over, and the foreigner had left, X removed the outer layer of his robes to reveal that "he" was actually three slender women!

It seems that, a while back, this tribe had a difficult situation. Tribal law dictates that the chief must be male (mostly due to the neighboring tribes being sexist). The original Chief X, when he died, had three daughters, but no sons. None of the daughters had married (partially due to the fact that any husband might end up Chief, and they didn't see any acceptable candidates in the dating pool). Faced with this conundrum, X's wife managed to convince the tribal Council to accept the legal fiction that X's daughters, collectively, *were* X, and could maintain "his" Chieftan-ship.

That seemed like a nifty enough idea to be worth sharing. I'm not a fiction writer, so if anyone wants to pick it up and run with it, feel free.
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Had a lengthy and complicated dream sorta-based on Finder last night. Most of it was lost on waking, but I remembered bits of the setting that seemed interesting enough to write down and share.

It was set in a city on the west coast. NOT one of the domed cities. This city was placed upon a large ceramic disk that was, in turn, atop a large tower. The tower was inhabited by (and probably built by) giant ants. Those who lived at the edge of the city were engaged in perpetual warfare with the ants. The city drew most of their power and heat from the ant-mound, but the ants would mindlessly attack the edges of the city.

The inner regions were largely unaffected by this warfare -- the tone of the overall story was light British comedy. No one now remembered whether the city was parasitizing a natural insect mound, or whether the ants had been genetically engineered to create the conditions for a city -- and control over their aggression had broken down. It was just part of life that if you were poor enough, you had to fight ants at the city's edge.
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I think it was one of [ profile] kestrell's friends who said "You don't really own a prosthetic until you've modded it." Kes recently acquired a hearing aid, but felt it wasn't quite 'hers' yet. The available space was not large, so she wanted an iconic image, that was still recognizable at small size. I made one for her :)
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